Revolution Champions League

Championship format

The Revolution Champions League is the world's only elite track cycling league featuring professional teams... each winter 12 of the best elite men's and women's pro teams come together to decide the ultimate cycling champions. This season the competition will be contested across three events:

  • Round 1: London - 25th November
  • Round 2: Glasgow - 2nd December
  • Round 3: Manchester - 6th January


There are 12 elite teams in each Championship (men and women) selected from the best World Tour, Pro Continental and specialist track teams. What makes the Revolution Champions League unique to other track cycling events is that riders race for their pro team rather than home nations which brings together some of the world's best road and track riders in the world's only elite track cycling league - click here to see the Champions League teams.


The teams select two riders from their squad to race each round, aiming to score as many points as they can in the five Champions League races at every round :

  • Points Race
  • Scratch Race
  • Team Elimination
  • Madison Time Trial
  • Elimination / Scratch Race

Points are scored for each race based on the position of the best-placed rider from each team. 

The points accrue in a league table and the team with the most points at the end of the season will be crowned Champions!


The following points will be awarded in every race to the best placed rider on each team. These points will accrue in a league table across the season.

 Pos Points 
 1  25
 2  20
 3  17
 4  14
 5  12
 6  10
 7  8
 8  6
 9  4
 10  3
 11  2
 12  1